Thursday, 28 February 2013

Empowerment vs Enforcement

Seraph made a comment (Monday's Freedom Reigns program) about Power vs Force.  Many people are concerned about how OPPT will be enforced.

I've been noticing the difference in the energy of the words EMPOWERMENT vs ENFORCEMENT.  When I feel the word, enforcement, the energy flow is blocked and contracted.  Feeling into empowerment is release and expansion.

For those people still worried about enforcement, I suggest you try feeing this difference.
Then focus on the one which feels right.

Love & Light

BEings in Ireland Declare their Freedom

Here is an example of what some are DOing.  Inspiring

Your Ticket to BE - Happy Beginnings video

What a great way to share the OPPT message with your friends.  Truly Happy!
Thank you Andrew Forbes Smith for your energy and creativity - for BEing you

Still on the Fence? - Listen to this

Kauilapele edited and posted this Morning Brew radio interview with Bob Wright.  It is 41 minutes long and is good  for people who are still on the fence about OPPT

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Do Your Homework

When listening to the radio shows each week I see a big difference between the questions asked by people who are up to speed vs those who are reacting to partial info about the OPPT.

These seem to be the basic parts to grasp:

  • Max Igan radio Roundtable
  • Proper Wording to the UCC Filing

  • Courtesy Notice and Guidelines posted on
  • Get more in touch with who you ARE; who you BE.  Its a process
I learn a lot more from the questions which come from an informed place.  It moves us all along faster.

Collective Imagination Feb 26 - Recording & Some Notes

Here is the link to the recording of the Feb 26 radio show

Some of the topics covered:
  • You don't have to file any UCC documents.  It is DONE
  • New versions of the Courtesy Notice (CN) are being created to serve more specific situations
  • Oppt-in website will soon have an area where we can support other people by sending CNs related to their particular situation  Eg. for Patrick Middleton
  • End Game
  • Absolute Data is the key to enforcement
  • Eternal Heart and akashic records
  • Work continuing on Disclosure
  • Make sure you read and understand the OPPT definitions posted this past week
  • Callers Q & A
One of my personal take-aways from this call is that I can only understand the ideas and communications which are at or below my own level of awakening.  To understand more, I need to spend time BEing and DOing in alignment with who I AM.  I need to do my inner work to raise my vibration.

Why the OPPT will Likely Work

Dave shares how he sees the Courtesy Notices creating a snowball effect inside corporations.

Well Played

Sophia writes eloquently about where I see us at this point.

OPPT Meetup

We have the details of our first OPPT Meetup posted now.
Sunday Mar 10 at 2 pm.
Go to the link and let us know if you are coming.
See you there!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Collective Imagination Tonight

Collective Imagination will start at 6 pm tonight.
The link is at the right.

See you there.

Max Igan OPPT Roundtable - Excellent Overview

I can't believe I missed posting this one.  This is an excellent overview of OPPT with Max interviewing Heather.

The first YouTube link for the audio is below.  There are 4 more parts which should automatically load.

And here it is transcribed if you prefer to read it.

Courtesy Notice MP3 - audio instructions

About midway through this article you will find links to 3 mp3s which are recordings of Scott, Ken & Chris talking through every part of the Courtesy Notice.
This info along with the Guidelines should answer any questions your have about filling out and sending the notice.

On Freedom Reigns Feb 25 show they said that there will be another audio being released soon with some Q & As to cover new things that have come up.

Impersonating a Sheriff - Ontario

This is really interesting.  It appears that the PTW in Ontario may have an enforcement problem.

Does anyone know what the situation in Alberta is?

OPPT Terminology

Heather has provided definitions for key terms used in her communications and the legal documents.

Is Your Loan a Fraud?

Heather sheds some light on whether or not a legal loan has been made.

Pope, Queen, Harper GUILTY

The final verdict has been reached in the case brought before the International Common Law court of Justice.  Kevin Annett is from BC and has been working long and hard to gain justice for the abuse and genocide of children in residential schools in Canada.

The following people are being held responsible and have been given a sentence of 25 years for their crimes:
Joseph Ratzinger, The Pope
Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Head Officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches of Canada
And others

The people of Canada, the US, England, Italy and other nations are asked to enforce this sentence and to seize the property of the churches involved.

Read the details in this link

Forgotten Principles - Video

This video has US content but it applies equally to Canada.

Freedom Reigns Feb 26 - Recording

Answering Challenges to OPPT

As we get the word out about OPPT we are beginning to see a pattern in the questions being asked.  In this link you'll find the info to respond to the challenges.

Remembering Who We Are

Dee and Howard King discuss BEing and remembering who we are.  It takes some focus and effort to peel away the layers of lies that we have all grown up with.  This article shares how Howard answered the question - Who AM I?

Collective Imagination Feb 19 - Transcript

Thanks to Dee and her team for doing these transcriptions!

We All Need Each Other

This article was written by Vladimir from Zagreb.  He talks about how hard it was to keep going when he thought he was alone in his mission to BE free.  And when he found support at home and around the world it made such a difference.

This is exactly why we are pulling a group together in Calgary.  A Meet Up is planned for Mar 10.  Watch this blog and the Meet Up website for details to be posted this week.

Where's the Money

This article is amazing for helping people see how ridiculous the scale of the financial theft has been.

Freedom Reigns Feb 18 - Transcribed

Here is the RTS link to the transcription of the Freedom Reigns show on February 18, 2013

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Courtesy Notice & Guidelines

The Courtesy Notice is a document to let corporate representatives, who are directly interacting with you, know that their corporation no longer exists and that they are acting as an individual in full liability and responsibility.

These links are copied from the website.  You can obtain the most recent versions of these documents at that web address.  If you decide to use these documents, GET THE MOST RECENT VERSION.

Read the Guidelines document fully before attempting to fill in the Notice document.  (Feb 20, 2013 version)  (Feb 20, 2013 version)

Canadian Gov admits crimes in Residential Schools

In this article the Canadian Government admits to some of the abuse and genocide of native children in residential schools.  As you'll see if you read it all, Kevin Annett from BC has taken the issue to international courts and is about to issue arrest warrants for the Pope for the Catholic church's part in this.

Corporations Masquerading as Governments

This is a good article about the creation of false governments.  It is written by Scott Bartl who did the video "What the FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government".  This one is about the USA.

Collective Imagination Radio - Feb 19 recording

This recording is ESSENTIAL to listen to.  Heather blew our minds and our energetic circuits!
There will be a follow up session on Global FACT radio on Thursday because the content could not all be covered in the time allotted.

If you go to this link and have it open while you listen, you will be able to follow along on the document that she is talking about.

Global f.a.c.t. radio -Thursday Feb 21

This will be another great show with Heather on Global F.A.C.T. radio Thursday night at 7pm MST (9pm EST)
This will be a follow up to the call on Feb 19 which was cut off as time ran out

A letter was written to Stephen Harper

RTS posted this letter to Stephen Harper written by Irena Korosec

Dee says...
This awesome letter was written to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Ministers of the So-Called “Government of Canada”
…. I think I’ll send a copy of this letter by email to all the so-called Canadian Government Ministers.
……. I’ll be getting their email addresses and contact information here:

Read Irena's letter here:

Important: Freedom Central Radio with Heather

Mel Vi interviews Heather in this 1 hour radio show.
Listen here:


Read the transcript here:

This is an important one to listen to as Heather gets into the energetic aspects of BEing and Doing.
Its a good idea to listen to this one before listening to the show on Feb 19 Collective Consciousness.

Online Newpapers for OPPT

There are two new online newspapers being published now.  I've put the links for those at the right.

If you'd rather have an audio Overview

If you are more of an audio learner, here is a great overview of OPPT on Max Igan's radio from February 15, 2013.

This is the first of 5 parts published on YouTube.  The other 4 parts will come up on YouTube automatically.

Heather from OPPT is featured extensively in this interview so you will be getting it right from the trust.

One Person's Overview of OPPT & Where we are

This a pretty comprehensive overview offered on the Wakeup World website on the 18th of Feb.

Follow up on Submissions to Canadian Court

Daryl's submissions have been rejected.  He submitted them before the Courtesy Notice was published.  Now his plan is to go back with that notice and see where that gets him.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OPPT & UCC submitted to Canadian Court

At the very end of the Collective Consciousness radio show last night we heard that Daryl from Ontario Canada has submitted the Paradigm document and one other OPPT document (sorry I can't remember which one) to a court in Ontario in support of his fight against foreclosure of his house.

The documents have been accepted as evidence and are being reviewed by the Judge who called a short recess to review them and then came back and said a ruling would be sent by e-mail because he needs more time to review the documents.

Seems like Daryl has given him something substantial to chew on :-)

How to Introduce the Topic of OPPT

If you want to open a conversation about OPPT then ask people about the following statements.  Their response will tell you where they stand.

What institutions do you trust?
     the financial and economic systems?
     the medical and big pharma systems?
     the educational system?
     the justice system?
     the political system?
     the big agriculture?
     the media?
Most people I know do not trust any of these institutions anymore.
OR, here it is more poetically.......

"Just look at us, everything is backwards; everything is upside down.
 Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy 
 knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information and
religions destroy ......

If someone identifies with these concepts, then they are probably ready to hear how we got here and what can be done.

Hope this opens doors and minds

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Video: 20 Reasons to OPPT-IN

Here's another great slide show that gives more background in a nice concise format. It is 7 minuts long and very sharable.   Thank you Jane Evershed.

OPPT Flash Mobs

Each week on the radio shows on Monday and Tuesday night they have been organizing Facebook Flash Mobs.  Tonight on the Collective Imagination show we mobbed NBC and CNN.  On the Monday call (which I missed) there were over 190,000 people listening live to the show.  I don't know who they mobbed but that must have been quite a hit to someone's facebook page.  YaHoo!!!

Pope Benedict XVI to resign Feb 28, 2013

The timing is very interesting given what is going on with OPPT.

He says he doesn't have the energy for the job anymore.  He will be moving to a monastery where he will continue to serve the church with his prayers.

I am suspicious that he is going into hiding.

We'll see.......

Must See Video! What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions

This video tells the story of Scott Barles' encounters with the Australian Government. 

Make no mistake; CANADA is set up the same way.  The Canadian Government is also a corporation registered in Washington DC.

Copied from RTS
Last night on the OPPT-IN radio show, we talked with the Bartles about their adventure into the rabbit hole and their documentary "What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions by the Australian "government"".  Beyond the amazing information that they have presented in this documentary, the most incredible news is that last week western Australian Main Stream Media actually played the entire documentary!!!! When we found out about this, we were literally jumping for joy!  This is another major action being covered by MSM and another ginormous piece of the puzzle being aired publicly.

I highly recommend watching this 53 minute video.  This is just the beginning my friends.  As the MSM starts to break away from the controllers grip, more and more people will be waking up to the truth of their reality.

.... Something IS happening!

What is OPPT?

This is a concise overview in the form of a 3.5 min YouTube slide show that you can share.  Well done Jane Evershed!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Talking Points - background info

From RTS Feb 7, 2013

As more and more people are waking up and realizing that something is definitely wrong with this society that we live in, many are discovering the OPPT as their first step into awareness.  I have heard from so many people who've read about OPPT on Facebook or other sites, yet they do not have the knowledge/background history to understand some of the fundamental reasons that the Foreclosures have taken place.  Such as the fact that their governments are actually corporations and the existence of their Strawman accounts.

Some amazing people, like Deryl and Paula, have been working tirelessly to bring information to the public- templates and instructions for the UCC filings, instructional videos etc...  They sent me this yesterday and I realized that it is an excellent tool for people to use when they are trying to explain The People's Trust to those that are unaware of the reality that they live in.

We will be creating short videos to further explain these various points as well.... very shortly.

Talking Points 

1.            The ACT of 1871 made the United States a corporation within the District of Columbia.

2.            In 1913 the US Federal Reserve Act was introduced and took control of Money Creation from the Congress and USTreasury.  The Federal Reserve is a private bank and is owned by foreign investors not Americans.  There are only a few central banks that are not part of the Private Federal Reserve System, those being IranCuba and North Korea.  PS: The IRS is a collection agency of the Federal Reserve and not part of the government.

3.             The stock market crash of 1929 was engineered by the big banks.  Most of them pulled out of the market prior the crash and then came back and bought up shares at pennies on the dollar.  This was the second collapse of the world economy.

4.            Through the 1930’s North America was in a full depression and the Bankruptcy of the United States occurred in 1933.  It was during this period that The Bank for International Settlements convinced most country’s that they should be holding all the gold reserves and not the respective countries.  Germany was building up its military might with the help ofPrescott Bush.

5.            The Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments.
6.            On March of 1933 the constitution of the United States of America was suspended and each citizen was determined to be an Enemy of the State by FDR.  In April of that year an FDR Executive Order 6102 made it illegal for citizens to hold gold.

7.            It was around this time that most countries like Germany and the United States made its citizens “Assets of the Corporation” via the use of the “Birth Certificate”.  That is when people of the world became SLAVES, unbeknown to them.

8.            The Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 determined how the winning powers would divide the world through power sharing agreements.

9.            In 1954 the Bilderberg group was formed and it was agreed that a Silent War against each citizen of the world would be conducted, through the use of Social Engineering Tools.

10.         When President Kennedy was elected in 1960 he was made aware of this plan and he took it upon himself to correct the injustice.  He was in the process of pulling away from the Central Bankers and introduced US Treasury Notes, backed by silver.  Just after signing the EO he was assassinated.  LBJ later revoked the EO and the Treasury Notes were removed from circulation.

11.         In 1971 Nixon removed the US dollar from the gold standard and with an agreement with Saudi Arabia, the US dollar became known as the Petro Dollar.

12.         In the 70’s President Marcos of the Philippines had been entrusted with huge gold reserves.  10,000 metric tonnes which were held under the WTC’s.  These TRUSTS were part of a legacy that dated back centuries, in which Kings andQueens were entrusted with this wealth to give it to their people.  Unfortunately corruption, greed and manipulation have prevented this from being manifested.

13.         In the year 2000 bankruptcy again faced the UNITED STATES and the standard business model, based on the 70 year cycle, is to start another war by invade countries, reduce the population, take over their resources, collapse the economy and when your done introduce a new currency.  THE STANDARD BUSINESS MODEL

14.         Another planned economic collapse in 2007/8 was orchestrated in which the banks extorted trillions of dollars from honest people.

15.         Investigators at Treasury AG looked into the financial structure as a whole and discovered it was ripe with systemic fraud and corruption.  This also led into the fraud perpetuated by the alleged governments and judicial system, which were supposed to be representing the people.  Sadly this has not been the case for over a century.

16.         In 2011 The United States Treasury foreclosed on the assets of the Federal Reserve System in the amount of $14.3Trillion Dollars.  Realizing that this would still not fix the systemic problems, the PUBLIC TRUST commenced actions against all the actors and agents’ world wide by the use of UCC filings, thereby seizing the assets of these former governments / corporations.

17.         Points to note:        The FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE BANK.  The Federal Reserve notes belong to a private agency and are not the debts of the American People.

18.         The One Peoples Public Trust are trustees who’s duty is to ensure that the ‘Benefactors of the Trust” “YOU” are entitled to receive what has been bequeathed to “YOU”.  Much like President Marco’s was supposed to do in thePhilippines, but never did.  He and other ancient Trustees have committed a BREACH OF TRUST and BREACH OF FIDICIARY DUTY.

19.         These assets of the former corporations’ are now in the hands of the TRUSTEES.  We encourage people to familiarize themselves with the trust, and if they so choose, can fill out forms that would tie them to the trust.

RTS Forum started

OPPT: Government Corporation List

Copied from American Kabuki Feb 7, 2013

Chained to the Wall

Copied from American Kabuki  Feb 7, 2013

It's not like we haven't been warned about this.  Plato's Cave tells our story.  Bill Hicks spoke about it.  George Carlin joked about it.  David Icke warns us about it still.  About five years ago, Dream Hopper had the following dream which is a foreshadowing of now.

He lived in a place where everything was available to him.  Life was pretty straightforward.  There wasn't much to do, but it wasn't necessarily painful or difficult either. Yet, everyone was shackled.  Now these chains were long.  He could move around freely and do pretty much anything he could think of.  People chose where their chain was worn, the ankle, the wrist, the waist, the neck.  These chains were not locked.  But they were worn by everyone.   

Every once in awhile it would occur to someone that "there must be something better than this."  They would unhook their chain and go out the door.  This had been going on for quite some time and there were stories about the result.  Going out the door was risky and always ended in some sort of destruction for the one who did it.

Sometimes people didn't come back.  The ones who did had horrible stories, to include losing tons of money, falling off the grid, not being able to get anything going and being worn out bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  They just couldn't do it anymore.  They believed the others, the ones who had never come back, must have met some untimely end.

DH unhooks himself and goes out the door.  He struggles and finds himself out of money and out of time.  He does notice while this is going on, that those who hadn't returned were not dead.  They seemed to have figured it out.  They were doing okay.

He, however, was not.  He couldn't figure it out.  He went back and re-attached his chain.  He gave in to the strong desire for it to be easier.  

Time passed and again, he grew tired of the chain.  He left, this time with a new strategy.  He decided to get to know the successful ones.  He would learn from them.

He noticed what they did.  They did not negotiate with the "owners of the room" he had been chained in.  They just did not deal with them at all.  The only way to not be a part of that system was to just not be a part of that system.

He tried it their way.  He only dealt with and negotiated with people who were successful.  He did not deal with those "in charge of the room". Once he started doing that, he became successful.  It wasn't instant but it worked.

Excited with his discovery, he ran back to the room, threw open the door and said "You don't have to be in here! There is another way to do this!  Come on!".

Nobody moved.

He said it again.

Mostly no one responded.

So he left.  He woke up before hearing the end of their stories. 

We are in new territory.  Our chains have been removed for us with the UCC filings of the One People's Public Trust.  It is upon us now to Be.  Be Free.  This will take bravery, tenacity and belief.  We are challenging all that we have ever known.  It is up to us to go out the door first, and then return and tell the others. 

No one is going to open the door or separate us from our chains.  We have to do that ourselves, each of us, in our own way.  Freedom isn't something that is granted to you, freedom is something that you take.  It is something that you know.  It is truth.

Free is what you are.  Love is who you are.  Understand the truth of what has happened with the One People's Public Trust and then return and tell the others.  This is why you are here and the moment is upon you right now.  We are the One's we've been waiting for.

Watch The Truman Show movie trailer

Watch We Are Free OPPT-In You Tube

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Partial List of Foreclosed Corporations

 Copied from Removing the Shackles 
Notice that Canada is a corporation registered in the US


















New Radio show Tuesday night Feb 5

The Collective Imagination - 2/05/13 (US) | 2/06/13 (AU)

5D Media Network

5D Media Network

 Central Time

You can sign up on the website to be reminded of these calls.

“OPPT-IN” Radio Show 2-4-13 (and every Monday Evening) (Tuesday in Australia) and Ginger’s Summary…

freedom_reigns_lisa_et_al_1This will be held every Monday (Tuesday in Australia), at 7PM EST. Here is today’s show link.
[Kp note: this Freedom Reigns is not related to Drake's Freedom Reigns (I don't believe)]
And information about the show:
“With Hosts Lisa, Chris and Bob from The Collective Imagination Show, Santos Bonacci, D. from removing the Shackles, Brian and AK from American Kabuki, Lois Tucci, Heathers mum, Heather Tucci.”
Now since most of you know Ginger, from this earlier post, I will post her comments in an email she sent to a couple of us here in Kona (I use this completely without her knowledge, and would not o this at all but she provides a great summary of the show; here is her Kona Disclosure group website)
From Ginger
Aloha All,
In having listened to many of Lisa’s shows over the past few weeks, it’s amazing to me how fast everyone is learning what the One People’s Public Trust document is, and then how to get it out into the world. Reported by Brian, there are some 33 million google hits checking out this subject now!
In addition to the press release that went out today, there will be another document available this week for folks doing battle with the court system that thinks it still exists. The intent is that it be a “Courtesy Notice”, as well as an educational tool.
When the CVACs are completed, then they can be fully enforced immediately (this month) and this notice/educational tool can be used, and it will morph over time as people become more informed.
There will be certain geographical locations around the world where the CVACs will be positioned, and so a caller suggested that at each location someone begin to facilitate a group to help educate their community. Doubt there will be one in Kona, but there isn’t any reason we could not form a support group anyways! And we could all be learning together as we go.
It was helpful to get clarity around “the announcements”, we had been waiting for all last year. Because last month RTS let everyone know that the cabal had been “leaking” the announcements “soon” and that NESARA was ready to go, etc. And this would have just been just another cover up to continue the same-old-same-old system of enslavement. As I understand it now, even going to a new currency backed by precious metals was part of their plan (remember the Keenan stories). In general, what was true intel last year and what was not, was very confusing, as the cabal kept spinning stories similar to what was really going on behind the mainstream media scenes.
Brian did state on the show today that in fact, there will be announcements, but they will come in a little more digestible chunks (and are The Absolute Data) or disclosure of the truth coming forward . . . like “the entire legal system has been removed” – huh?!! For now, you can pull out your copy of the press release :))) – first shown on RTS –
Many blessings of freedom in peace, Ginger