Sunday, 31 March 2013

No Waiting

This really hit me since, one way or another, I've been waiting my whole life.

Schools produce Slaves

I am studying for my Master Weaver level 2 certificate.  As I sit here avoiding the work I need to do to write a 3000 word essay on backstrap weaving, I came across the following video talking about learning vs conditioning.

It has two wonderful presentations by 2 young women who have given some thought to WHO they ARE.  They have realized that the education system dumbs them down and stifles who they are.  They are making a new choice.

So now I am weighing the value I get from taking the weaving program vs learning about weaving on my own.  Hmmmm????

OPPT Q & A with Heather - re-posted from Mar 5

Hi I am starting to get questions from people who are new to the OPPT story and I thought it would be good to re-post this piece as Heather answers 40 different questions about OPPT.

Since this was posted Heather ended the OPPT but her answers are still relevant because the new state of BEing is still the same.  The Courtesy Notices available on OPPT-IN are still valid and more and more people are using them.

What is Value?

Heather past on these thoughts about value.

NESARA & RV - Observe the Contrast

Dee at RTS has posted some more thoughts on the big shift that is supposed to be coming courtesy of the governments and people currently running the show.

I agree with Dee, do your own thinking and knowing.

Have a look here

Overturning Current Physics Theory

I finally had time to watch this video which was posted by AK a few days ago.  Holy Cow!!!

This is absolute data about physics and it effects everything we know about how things work.  As I watched it I totally got the "As above, so below" concept in a new and deeper way.  I'm have not been good at math or physics in school but this is presented in a way that was really easy to understand.  I recommend it for everyone - especially for kids in jr & sr high school.

I'm really excited to see what is promised for early 2013 in terms of technology release.

This is the first of an anticipated 7 part series.  Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been released and I have watched all three.  Now I'm excitedly anticipating part 4........

Primer Fields Part 1

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Passionate Statement from the Keshe Founder

Clearly Mr Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation, is passionate about his mission.  I am very curious about the technology he alludes to that can stop the PTW if they don't choose to cease their oppression and abuse.

Sirius video Premier on April 22

It would be very cool if a bunch of us from Calgary got together to screen this video.  Check it out and let me know if you are interested in joining me to screen it.

Slaves are Property - Proof that is how they see us

Here are 4 articles which show the extent to which government, banks, big business and the PTW are trying to remove more of our freedom.  This info is part of Absolute Data.  If you know this is true, then you can exercise your free will choice about whether to allow it or not.

Human emotion changes patented by Bank of America

US government defines citizens as property

Attempted patent of human embodiment

They are trying to steal our DNA too

Interview with Caleb Skinner: OPPT Trustee

This is an excellent audio with Lisa Harrison interviewing Caleb Skinner.  He is very articulate and frank.  He is very knowledgeable and very clear in his thinking.  Listening to this show filled in some of the background and logic of OPPT that I wondered about.

Certainly worth your time.

We Can Fly

Sophia has some motivating thoughts

Other Countries are preparing Bank Raids as well

Here's some info on the UK and US situations

Canadian Bank Accounts are Targeted in Budget

People have been wondering if a Cyprus style raid on bank accounts can happen in Canada.  It appears that the new budget is preparing for what they are calling a "bail-in" if the economy is in crisis.

If you have been studying the methods of the PTW then you know that they lay the ground work, create the crisis, and then provide the solution which always lines their pockets with our money/energy.  The PTW have created every economic crisis in our times and with the stock market at all time highs, they are poised to do it again.

OPPT has done the work to stop this cycle but it is up to each one of us to claim our freedom and our power so they can't implement this next crisis.  Ask yourself how you are giving them your energy and make a decision to continue or to stop.  Set your intention and take action.

Check it out here:

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Setting a Collective Intention for Absolute Data

On Collective Imagination tonight the appeal was sent out for a collective intention to manifest the release of Absolute Data (the Event).

Heather made it clear that Absolute Data could be released to us (or at least some of it could be) but it would be better if we came to that knowledge by accessing it ourselves internally.  We are all Eternal Essence and we are all connected so whatever Data is out there to be known, can be known by each one of us personally.

It was also made clear on the show that it is up to each one of us to realize that we can manifest what we want.  We are powerful BEings who have the benefit right now of having access to a huge energy source which will speed up our manifestation capabilities.  There were several stories of people creating what they wanted/needed.

Essentially the process of manifestation requires your belief that you are a BEing with amazing powers and this protocol which magnetizes and attracts your desires:

  1. Initiate the energy in your thoughts:  Be clear about what you want and set the intention to have it while KNOWING that it already exists in our collective reality.
  2. Initiate the energy in sound:  Speak out loud about your desire and intention
  3. Initiate the energy with action:  Take some steps in the direction of what you desire.
You do not need to know how this will come to be.  Leave that up to the magnetism of the collective Eternal Essence.

Everything seems to hinge on access to Absolute Data so lets make that happen as quickly as possible.  Spend some time (even 5 minutes) of focused energy on the intention of every person on the planet having personal knowledge of Absolute Data.

I am not the final word on this process so if you can add and make us more effective, please share what you know that works.

Much Love

Absolute Data about being Worthless

I think I am getting absolute data but it is coming to me one word at a time!  Its going to take a while at this pace ;-)

Each person has their own unique set of veils that cover absolute data.  Just in the last 2 weeks, I have began thinking differently about the words Worthless and Responsibility.

Worthless:  In my illusion, worthless meant having no value or, breaking it up, it meant being worth less than something else.  What I have realized this week is that neither of these definitions are true.  In fact, being worthless or worth less is not possible, in reality.  Everything is energy.  Energy has value, therefore everything has value/worth.  Further, all energy is equal in value, therefore one thing cannot be worth less than another thing.

Worthless is a word like "conspiracy theory" which has been used to judge, discredit and diminish us.  In my case, I have been so programmed that I have used the word "worthless" to describe myself.  How perfect is the slave master's plan when the slaves "whip" themselves into submission?

If I do nothing but exist, I still have value because I am energy; I am Eternal Essence.

Responsibility:  In my 3D world this word has been linked with guilt, obligation, burden, fear and pain.  It is hard to be responsible for mistakes, other people's feelings or following someone's rules.

As I see it now, in the world of Eternal Essence, being responsible is an expression of love.  To be 100% responsible for my own free will choice and for ensuring all others have theirs too, I must be in love with my self and with others.  It is in loving myself fully that I am willing to be response-able.  If I don't love myself and others fully then I'm not able to respond fully to my free will choice.  I am not able to claim my power or BE who I AM.

I wanted to share this because these new definitions represent a fundamental shift in thinking for me.  I wonder what subtle (or not so subtle) shifts have been happening in your lives.  By sharing our individual changes I think that we may see and be convinced sooner that the larger shift is happening.

I'd love to hear from you.

2nd document about the Universal Value Exchange

On Sunday Heather released the Universal Value Exchange (UV) document that introduced the "I" logo and the idea that UV is a tool we can use.  In it we were told something else would be coming this week.

This document was released today and I hope we'll get a lot more info on it on the Collective Imagination show tonight.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

RTS Forum

I have posted a link to Removing the Shackles Forum at the right with the OPPT Specific Links.  This forum covers lots more than just OPPT issues.  Its a great place to find other peoples' ideas on all of the expanding aspects of being free and getting free.

Listen to the Radio Shows this week

With the release of the UV exchange document and Heather's invitation to the White Dragons, I think this week's shows should be pretty interesting.

Tune in on
Monday at 5pm to Freedom Reigns
Tuesday at 6pm to Collective Imagination

The links are posted at the right.

Heather sends a Message to White Dragons

Here is a message Heather asked to be shared with the White Dragon group.  She is inviting them to collaborate.

AK has also included in this link an opinion of Sheldon Nidle.  I have not followed Sheldon but he seems to be well accepted by Heather and the OPPT panel.

Universal Value Exchange

Today Heather released a new document about the Universal Value Exchange tool.  See this document here

Wow, this document is exciting.  Again, I think it is important to read it out loud (several times) to get the full energetic impact.  After I read it the first time, I was flying high and felt like singing and dancing :-)

I have been waiting all week for some kind of shift in me and/or out there.  It has been a long week because I felt like I was on the brink of a breakthrough after last Monday's Freedom Reigns show.  As I said to a friend, I feel like a race horse just before they open the starting gate - all worked up and no way to get going!

And the starting pistol goes ---------BANG!

Great Meetup Today

Many thanks to the 12 people who showed up today for our 2nd meetup.  What a great group of people.  We shared lots of experiences, ideas and passion.  We committed to meeting again in 2 weeks, April 7.  Watch the meetup site for details.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Meet up Sunday March 24

We will be meeting at 2 pm at
Waves Coffee House
1019 17th Avenue SW

On April 7 we will be meeting in Chestermere at one of our member's houses.  Details of that location will be posted on the meet up site after this weekend.

Hope to see some of you this Sunday

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Next Meet up March 24

Keep Sunday open for the next OPPT Calgary meeting.  The location is being finalized so keep checking the Meetup website.

If you have been listening to the radio shows you know that this week is a big one.  We are all waiting with baited breath for the shift that is predicted.  We will have lots to talk about on Sunday.
See you there

Monday, 18 March 2013

Must Listen to Freedom Reigns Mar 18

OK I have now listened to the recording of tonight's show.  WOW!  Hang onto your cowboy hat Calgary, the ride is about to take off!

You need to view the document that was filed today and read along as they discuss it on the show.

Document is here:

Radio recording is here:

Here is what I got from the call:

  • This is the last document to be filed
  • All the value and all BEing is returned to the Absolute source
  • notice is given of this return
  • all fictions have been stopped.  Anything that represents or structures Eternal Essence is a fiction.  So, all the structures of the Powers That Were (PTW) are stopped.  The OPPT trust is also stopped because it's work is done and if it were to stay in place the PTW know how to hijack it, so that temptation has been removed.  Money, religion, politics....all these fictions are done.
  • A universal value system that is for Eternal Essence in all of the universe applies now
  • We are to anchor into our consciousness that we are Eternal Essence (EE) and recognize EE in others.  Also, preserve the EE in ourselves by recognizing it in others
  • Everything is done.  All that is left is that we BE and DO
  • Absolute Truth (AT) is available now and I can control how quickly I have access to it.  I will get access at the speed of my heart and my doing.
  • We go from being limited by systems to have no limits and full abundance because everything is transparent
  • EE is free of everything including debt.
Our work now is to anchor the concepts of this document in our consciousness.  We should focus on abundance and energy (knowing that energy manifests and re-manifests)

Everyone's Absolute Data/Truth is about to expand exponentially.  We will know more than we thought existed or was possible.  Keep your heart and mind open.  Hold no expectations.  Just look at what is and see what pops into your heart.  Absolute Data will be KNOWN from within.

The money system and anything that looks like a money system is done.  What's coming is beyond what we can imagine at this point.
This document sets the framework and it is done.
In the week or two coming, the tools will be brought in
Lots will be happening over the next 2 weeks

Each person can make a difference by DOing in alignment with their BEing.
Think about abundance as being able to doing what you want to do.
What do you WANT to DO?

Eternal Essence knows what you focus your intention on.  What's in your heart?

Radio Shows this week

I wasn't able to listen to Freedom Reigns earlier to day.  I caught the last 1/2 hour and it sounds like it was quite the show.  I'm literally buzzing with energy just from that short time!
I'm going to listen to it now to find out what had Brian giggling with delight.

Don't forget to tune into Collective Imagination Tuesday night at 6pm for more......
(link is to the right)

Updated OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release

OPPT filed another document with the UCC today.  You can see the filed document and read (aloud) the text of the filing at the link below.  Reading from the legal form is difficult.  Go about 1/2 way down to find the text written in a form that you can follow.  It is important to read it out loud to get the full energetic impact of it.  Its awesome!

David Icke - We think we are Humans

When Heather talks about BEing, I think she is talking about the same thing that David Icke covers in this YouTube video.

Cyprus Implements Tax on Savings

Here is an indication that the banksters are hard pressed to find cash these days.  On the Freedom Reigns radio show tonight Heather said that Cyprus is a major money laundering location.  See also what AK has to say on this link.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Oppt Calgary is in Canada

I just want to clear up where I am.
To the person in Ireland who contacted me - I encourage you to follow your intuition and start a group in Ireland.  :-)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Feel What You Feel and Stay the Course

In this article Dee of RTS has addressed the shifting energies that many of us are feeling.  She is asking us to reflect on the sources of the feelings and attitudes that come up and to stay the course; don't abandon the task at the 11th hour.

More Thoughts on Transitional Steps to Accessing Value

In this article Sophia and Seraph contribute to the debate/understanding of what the issues are around accessing value.  As beings who have been economic slaves for thousands of years, it is going to take a while before we can truly grasp our own value and that we have the power to access it freely.  Having absolute data will move us along more quickly so I'm looking forward to that soon.

Accessing your Value and Freedom

Peter van Runt has a wonderful way of viewing and communicating his value.  When we shift from the concept of the CVAC, this is where we all ultimately want to be.  (16 minutes)

In another of his videos (15 minutes) he is talking about Manifesting Freedom.  It is well done too.

The "Coles Notes" of OPPT

Andy Whiteley of Wake Up World has written an excellent summary of the world situation and what the OPPT has done.  It is quite long to read but it saves going through many many other documents so I think its worth your time.  It is also a great resource if you want to share OPPT with someone new.

There are two aspects of this document that I view differently.

  • Andy claims that all the resources of the earth now belong to the people.  As I understand it, the gold and silver and all other resources are energy and are BEings of the earth just the way people are.  As such, we don't own these resources AND we have the opportunity to co-create with them.
  • The description of the CVACs may be outdated as of this past week.  As the OPPT community has grown in awareness it is becoming clear that the CVAC structure gets in the way of us taking full responsibility for ourselves and it provides an opportunity for the Cabal to hi-jack our freedom again.  Heather has changed her tactics and is working on a different way to link people up with their own value.  We don't  really need an external structure to "give" us our value; each of us is our own Value.  So, whatever Heather is setting up now is a transitional tool to be used until we fully realize that we have full access to our value energetically all the time.  Check out the post above this one for a video by Peter van Runt - he describes this very well.
With the exception of these two points I think Andy's article is great.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Next Meetup

We have set a date for the next meetup, March 24 at 2 pm.  We didn't pick a place because we wanted to have a more private setting which none of us who were present were able to provide.

I have had an e-mail suggesting we may have a location in the near future.  The e-mailer didn't like the Starbucks location and I wonder how many other people didn't come because of that.

If you have comments, suggestions, or offerings, please post them below or send an e-mail.  Neither Patrick or I have any ego need to be in charge.  We just got the ball rolling.  Its all about co-creation and each of us adds to the whole.  Lets create a great OPPT Calgary community.

I'm looking forward to the next meeting.

Much Love

Radio Shows this Week

If you listened to the radio shows this week you were taken to a new level with OPPT & CVACs.

For those of us who have been listening and reading for a while I think the message is clear.  To fully grasp and access my own energy/value, I need to raise my vibration so that I can tap into absolute data at any time.  Eventually, this will also enable me to exchange my energy/value directly without needing an exchange medium like gold or money.

Each of us needs to make this transition to a higher vibration so that we can fully co-create at our full potential.

In the mean time, it looks like there will be some kind of transitional treasury access and we should know what that will look like in 2-3 weeks (maybe sooner).  It isn't clear what the timeline will be for practical use of the system.  Heather is working hard to get it done.  She wants to get this completed so that she can get on with co-creating in other domains which interest her.

If you are new to this whole topic, then I imagine this week's shows muddied the water a little.  Go to the OPPT website and read the key documents to get a foundation.  Stay tuned because the next 2-3 weeks will be amazing.

Much Love

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Meetup Success

Three of us were able to discuss and share information for about 1.5 hours and we all came away feeling more connected and more informed.  This is just the beginning.  We know that there are many more people in the city who are aware of OPPT and who will eventually be ready to connect to the community.

March 24 at 2pm is the next meet up.  Location will be announced on the Meetup website about a week before and will depend on how many people are coming.  Please leave your rsvp message early.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Declaration of Satisfaction Document & Audio

This was originally recorded on Feb 19 and Heather keeps coming back to this document.  If you read through it, you will grasp all that has been done. If you have difficulty understanding it, take a look at the definitions posted in

I originally put this up on Feb 19 and I thought it would be good for people to have a reminder of the document and audio together.

This recording is ESSENTIAL to listen to.  Heather blew our minds and our energetic circuits!

If you go to this link and have it open while you listen, you will be able to follow along on the document that she is talking about.

Meetup Sunday

Calgary OPPT meets Sunday, March 10 at 2 pm at the Starbucks near the middle of Chinook Mall.

See Calgary Events above for the link.

Hope to see you there

We Are Learning To BE Free

With the history of slavery that we have, it is going to take a lot of adjusting of beliefs and energy to fully embrace being free.  I think that is why Heather keeps focusing on our BEing and on our Eternal Hearts.  It is only from that inner place that we will experience true freedom.

Vision Keeper has captured this concept more fully.

Canada is Disolved

If you have been following the work of Kevin Annett and the International Common Law Court, this is their latest step.  This is, as far as I know, completely independent from the OPPT.

From my understanding of the OPPT, Canada, the corporation, was already foreclosed so I'm not sure what new things are accomplished by this action.  At the end of the notice they say we have to create a new constitution and form a new government.  That does not fit with the more free and open choices that we have with OPPT.  We'll see what prevails.

Do You Remember - video

Dee from Removing the Shackles wrote a blog called Do You Remember.  One of her readers, Donna put it to video and and narration.

What OPPT isn't & is

OPPT is getting lots of traction these days and as a result there are lots of opinions out there.  I like how Sophia lists what it ISN'T and what it IS.  Well said.

Fix the World Launch

Take a look at this amazing grass roots plan for how to fix the world.  It is a plan by the people and for the people and the earth.  There is a 5 minute video which summarizes things well.  Check it out.

Evidence that Something is Falling Apart

Money troubles are showing up in many places.  What do you think it means?

Royal Bank of Scotland




Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shift Happens

As I have followed the OPPT over the past 2 months I have noticed a change in the panel of people who are on the calls.  In my opinion, now they are more peaceful, more centred, more loving, more accepting.......more KNOWing.

I've noticed a shift in me too.  I haven't covered all of the documents, recordings, and interviews that are available and I'm not a good meditator.  I attribute the change mostly to listening in on the radio shows and thinking about what I heard.

Wrestling with what it really means to be FREE has been a ride and an awakening for me.  Asking myself:

  • why I am doing what I'm doing?
  • why I am not doing things I'm not doing?
  • who/what is dictating my choices for doing & not doing?
  • what would I do if everything was taken care of?
  • how would I serve/contribute?
  • what do I have to contribute?
  • am I prepared to be fully responsible and fully liable?
The expanding possibilities are mind blowing. 

So, whether it is being in the "presence" of people on an awakening path or whether it is my own questioning, or both, something has happened to me that has become palpable.

I suddenly know things about me that I have been trying to grasp for years.  My dreams have taken a whole new direction where things are transforming, materializing, and going through portals.  I am more calm, more accepting, less in my ego, and I am feeling fear less (but not quite fear-less).  I am still in process.

I wanted to share this experience because some of you may be experiencing changes too.  You are not alone and I think its a good thing. I'd love to hear about your experience.

Much Love

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Calgary Meetup Reminder

We hope you will join us on Mar 10 for our first meetup.  See Calgary Events (above) for the link

OPPT Valid: Santos & Bressington Interview

I haven't listened to this yet.  However, I wanted to pass it along anyway because I did listen to another presentation that Ann Bressington did and I was very impressed with her research and knowledge. Ann has had a judge review the UCC filings and he thinks it has legs.