Friday, 31 May 2013

DATA - Antibacterial Chemicals

I have never been a fan of antibacterial soaps, gels, etc.  I figure my immune system needs the exposure.

CHANGE - Putin vs Obama on Monsanto

The issue of pesticides killing the bees is at the root of this disagreement.  The US is looking worse and worse to the rest of the world which is waking up to this issue.  However the US is owned by the same people who own Monsanto so Obama has his hands tied no matter what he thinks personally.

There is some spin in this article but I'm too tired after the last post to pull it out and highlight it.  Let me know what you find.

Dissecting a piece of Disinfo

In my opinion, this is a piece of disinformation or it is the work of a group of people who have only partially woken up.

They are right about the fraud and corruption in the banks and government but they don't seem to see that the system itself is deeply corrupt.  I will highlight the red flags that jumped out at me.  Let me know what you think.

The text in bold italics is quoted from the article.  Regular text is my comment.

-blood curdling halt........screeching halt economically and peacefully  - which will it be, blood curdling or peaceful?  Confusion is one way of keeping people off balance

-prepare yourselves for trouble, discomfort, hunger, cold and fear........ that sounds peaceful
-purchase only what you need in food & fuel for a 90 day window.......  since the unemployment rate in the US is currently 20% and of those working many are the working poor living pay cheque to pay cheque so 90 days worth of food is completely out of reach for most people.  
-don’t worry, it can’t last that long.  Remember, 90% of America has only enough food to last 3 days.....  this is where the fear comes in.  How is everyone supposed to stock up for 90 days with only 3 days on the shelf?  That should produce some panic.

Withhold any payments made to any government agency, either state or federal until the demands are met..... So you can't spend what you owe to buy 90 days worth of food (that is not available) because you have to save it to pay later.
Place the funds in designated ‘escrow’ accounts and withhold the funds until the state and federal governments capitulate...... I'm confused, it said earlier that I wasn't supposed to deposit anything with the banks but now I'm supposed to put it in escrow accounts (controlled by whom/what?)

We The People will come out of this period with our nation intact and our Constitution again in full force and effect...... they still hold the idea that there should be borders and separation

Nationwide personal taxation at a level not to exceed 10% of income.
Nationwide corporate taxation at a level not to exceed 20%.
They are still keeping income tax and now even the poorest of poor will have to pay 10% of whatever they earn.  The "not to exceed" part is interesting.  Personal could be at 10% and Corporate could be 2% and that would fit the requirements but might not be fair or effective.

the Federal Reserve MUST return all national banking and money supply to the Treasury as Constitutionally mandated within a 3 year time frame........ this one made me laugh.  This hardly fits the "screeching halt" goal and 3 years ought to be enough time for them to re-jig the system in their favor.
This revolt, while peaceful, will change everything.  Either we change it now, while words suffice, or we accept the ‘fundamental change’ that our governmental leaders have planned for us...... If they do what they say in this document, it won't be very long before the game is back on track with the secret agenda of the corrupt world powers back on track.

All of this is my opinion.  I hope that I have helped you see how the message can be exactly what you want to hear, disarming and miss-leading at the same time.  
Changing the existing systems is not enough.  A whole new consciousness is required to create a world that cannot be enslaved again.  I think OPPT achieved that and I-UV represents the emerging consciousness.

DATA - Vacines

This cartoon pretty much says it all.

DATA - The Paradigm Report

In case you haven't read it yet, the Paradigm Report, was the initial document that Heather of OPPT wrote to reveal the corruption in the banks, governments and justice systems.  The direct link is

This link has some interesting preamble before giving the link to the report.

DATA - Wheat is not Wheat Anymore

I first heard of this info in the book "Wheat Belly".  The miraculous changes and healing that has been documented with the removal of wheat really makes you think.

DATA - (Part 2) 2 Hours that will Blow Your Mind & Change Your Life

This is the 2nd part of the interview with Andrew Bartzis.  There is more mind bending info here.

DATA - Canadian Former GMO Scientist

Dr. Thierry Vrain worked for Agriculture Canada and was a supporter of GMO but not anymore.

DATA - Vacinations

Research shows that vacines have not produced the health benefits that we have been lead to believe they had.

CHANGE- Fluoridation

Here's another area where people are standing up to the authorities and making a difference.

CHANGE - Monsanto

The global demonstrations against Monsanto last weekend are an indication that the people have had enough and they are standing up for themselves.  If you search for Monsanto stories you will be overwhelmed by the number of them and impressed by the stand that some jurisdictions have taken.

DATA - US Taxes are Voluntary

Canadian taxes are voluntary too.  The tax act was supposed to be retracted after the war but it wasn't - BIG surprise!

In this video a former IRS director admits that taxes are voluntary in the US.

DATA - Health

We have been taught that the sun is our enemy and I have always been a little confused by that.  Clearly the sun is a source of life for plants and animals - why would we be different?

Ground Crew Thoughts in Morocco

Here are some stories by the people who have been helping Heather and who have gathered in Morocco.
Most of the people in the group do not have a lot of money so getting to Morocco required some leaps of faith and "miracles".  As Heather says, this is how energetic exchange works.

Lisa's notes & Dee concurs:

American Kabuki

Brian Kelly

Pete in Saskatoon has some nice things to add about Bob and what he perceives to be happening over there.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trying to Keep Up

Hi Everyone,
It seems like my time is going faster and faster and its hard to keep up with all the information about this OPPT/I-UV journey we are on.

I will do a bunch of posts on Friday.

In the mean time I recommend you listen to the recording of the Collective Imagination show on May 27.  It was an amazing Q & A show with lots of Heather's answers.  She said there will be a big shift this week.  Part of the shift is the release of the Project XIII platform on June 1.   I'm not sure what else is shifting but everyone is buzzing in anticipation - its BIG.

When people asked what we can do to help she said words along these lines.......
BE and DO according to who you are
Follow your love and passion - follow the energy
With everything you do and in every moment ask yourself.... Is this taking me closer to Oneness or closer to Separation.  Let that be your guide.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Meetup Sunday May 26

See you at the meetup on Sunday.  See details in the Events section above.

New Hampshire recognizes the Missing 13th Amendment

Judge Dale shares some info on the 13th amendment and what New Hampshire has done.

The 13th amendment to the US constitution prevented anyone of "nobility" from holding office or from being a US citizen.  This amendment was "accidentally omitted" from the corporate government's mission statement over 200 years ago.  The organic constitution was only in use for about 5 years before it was usurped by the banksters.

OPPT1776 site redirected to I-UV

The original and official website of The One People's Public Trust has been redirected to the I-UV website ( where all the UCC documents have been reposted.

Apparently Caleb did this to re-alocate some "space" for the I-UV platform and applications he is creating.

Please make sure any CNs or other documentation you put out have the correct linking info.

DATA - (Part 1) 2 Hours that will Blow your Mind & Change your Life

This radio show with Chris Hales and Andrew Bartzis was mind blowing for me.  Andrew is a galactic historian and the info he has about the history of earth and our solar system is unlike anything I have heard before.  He seems to be a solid guy and I resonated with what he said even though I didn't understand it all - I'll be listening to him again.

Andrew says that removing the slavers from our system could take as much as 20 years unless we the people claim our free-will choice and begin exercising it.  We need to be disconnecting ourselves from the harvesting systems (TV, news, internet sites like facebook and fear porn sources, banks, corporate governments, etc, etc).  I really got that I can't sit and wait for others to make this happen.  I need to do everything I can to make this shift happen.

I don't know about you but I don't think I can take 20 more years of this - not now that I know.  It is my free-will choice and I choose it now.

Here's the link.  It is totally worth your time!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Jake Ducey's enthusiasm is Contagious!

Here's a couple of short videos from Jake Ducey.  What a light he is!

The Time is Now - BE

Something to ponder.....

The Blogtalk Panel gathers in Morocco

Dee from RTS and Lisa Harrison share some thoughts about going to and being in Morocco with Heather & Caleb.

They are there now and I gather they are going to do some energy work in a vortex that is near where they are.

I'm Going to Use This

The next time someone calls me a conspiracy theorist when I share info about the corruption and slavery system, I'm going to ask them if they know the definition of political correctness.

Okay, I probably won't because that would be confrontational but it is tempting.

Never Give Up video

This is really inspiring.  We are entering a new age of consciousness and this type of "miracle" will become common when we step into the full power and scope of who we BE.

Video explaining the Slave System

Sophia has shared a short video on how the slave system came to be.  If you have someone who is ready to go down the rabbit hole, this will be a good starting place.

Are you ready for This?

What fun.  I'm ready!

Australian Magistrate Drops all Charges

This recording relates the experiences of Robert in an Australian court.  This is a win for The One People (TOP).  I haven't listened to the whole thing yet.

Julien Wells Q&A, also Gives Current Energy Reading

Chris Hales interviews Julien who answers questions which have been posted in the skype Cosmic Room.
Very interesting info is revealed and this 1.25 hr recording is worth the listen in my opinion.

I found this particularly interesting:
-   at about 30 minutes  Julien talks about the moon and what it is and how it has its own energy and we'll have to co-create with it if we were to do anything there.  He also talks about trees and how they want to interact and co-create with us.  If we play in the trees that makes their day; maybe even their life.

-   at about 65 minutes Julien talks about the timing of the Event.  He thinks May and June will be huge and he can't imagine what will be after June.  Its a good thing tho.

-   at about 68 minutes they go into the general energy he feels now:
    ----- the event will be triggered by actions both from above and below
    ----- he feels that bank managers are about to revolt and join our cause
    ----- he senses massive whistle blower actions
    ----- he senses that the "music" is calmer now - just before the crescendo or storm (a short lull)

Transparency is Essential in a Free World

BZ and James McManis have a conversation about love, cosmic law, and transparency.

Heather says All is Done this Month (May)

This is a skype room conversation between Heather and another.

IRS backs down after they received the CN

Here's a win for OPPT.  This fellow's back taxes were waived after he sent a courtesy notice (CN).

Some Evidence that the PTW are Losing their Grip

Here's an audio (18 minutes) by Foster Gamble of Thrive reporting a number of current actions that are taking the PTW down around the world.  OPPT makes his list too.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I'm Back

I have been away at an Access Consciousness course for the past 5 days.  It was an amazing course and it fits so well with the shift we are making to Eternal Essence BEings DOing what we BE.

I hope you have been following some of my sources while I've been away.  There have been some very interesting developments.  Over the next couple of days I will be posting the ones I think are the most important to know about.

Much Love

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My OPPT Road Trip

Hi Everyone,
This summer, I am driving from Calgary to Halifax and I plan to spread the word as I go.

I'd love to hear from you:

  • Do you know someone along the way who is informed about OPPT who I can meet and/or support?
  • What suggestions do you have for ways I can connect with people and spread the word?

2 New Radio Shows in Support of The One People

There are two new radio shows to listen to if it fits for you.

Bob & Julien will help people transition into the new energy on their new show.  I believe this show is on Saturdays

Brian Kelly and Jake Ducey will talk weekly about moving into your DOing. Thursday, 9 am Pacific time
Here's Brian's annoucement of the show

Both shows are recorded so you can listen anytime.

Canada's Paul Hellyer on the lack of Alien Threat

Paul is getting his 15 minutes of fame these days.  It is nice to know there are politicians (past and present) who will stand for what they believe in.

Follow up to Sun connection to Consciousness

If you watched the documentary about the sun and consciousness then this news about sun activity will be of interest to you.

Your Loan is a Fraud

Read this carefully and KNOW that your loan is a fraud.  Decide how you are going to take action and let us know what you DO.

OPPT Shows and Websites have Shifted

Set new bookmarks so you can stay connected.  The new website is beautiful.

Un-hackable Internet is Possible

See how this parallels what Caleb is intending.

The Reverberations of the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure are Amazing

See the long list of media that picked it up

Mainstream Media Not Credible

If you are still relying on mainstream media (MSM) for your news, take a look at this.

Lately, I have been experiencing such clarity about the role of MSM in programming the masses.
I really feel like I'm living in the Truman show.

The Sun Influences our Consciousness

This is a really interesting documentary about the effect the sun has on our consciousness and evolution.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Why News & Entertainment Media are Key to the PTW

An idea was shared on Collective Imagination tonight that clicked for me.

Books, movies, internet sites are used to plant ideas in our minds in advance of false flags like 9/11 and other major actions they plan to take.  The PTW need our energy to make these things happen for real so they plant the seeds and keep them growing by having the media repeat and replay the ideas.

I remember at the time of 9/11 that people said they had recently seen a movie where a small plane flew into an office tower.  That idea was not in the collective consciousness before it was planted there on purpose.  Because we are all connected to the collective consciousness we all get the energy of that idea even if we didn't see the movie.

The PTW have a system where they create the problem and then deliver the solution.  I don't watch or listen to the news much these days but when I have, I notice recently that they are starting to create the problem in the economic system.

The Dow Jones stock market closed at an all time high today.  I predict an energy harvesting opportunity pretty soon unless the OPPT actions can head them off first.

So, be aware of the "stories" you are being told and notice where you are putting your energy.

New Info Location

Many announcements and other information will now be posted on the facebook link below.  Lisa Harrison is ending the Monday night Freedom Reigns show and the new show will be on the 5d radio network.  It will be The One People show.

"Like" this facebook page to get announcements about the show and news as it happens and to show support for the show.

Heather on Enforcement vs Inforcement

Heather answers and question about enforcement of the OPPT filings.
She is consistent - the work we need to do is inner work.

New Interview with Deryl Zeleny in Canada

This new interview covers the next developments in Deryl's process and journey with the Canadian banking and legal system.
I haven't listened yet but the overview on the call last night and the brief summary given in this link makes me think it will be worth while.

Two great references about Money & Banking

Scott and Uwe from Australia recommended these two links about money and banking.

I read through the slides in this link and I found this info to be amazing and fascinating.  It puts a lot of things in perspective.
Lisa wondered if the King of Kings was the 681st king and after reading this info, I think not - the collateral account has only been around since King Solomon (not 13,000 yrs as Chris & Lisa speculated).  He may be the 681st person born in the breeding program they talk about (not sure, I haven't done that math yet so its just another question at this point)

I haven't read this document yet.  It doesn't have any pictures :-(
It is produced by the same people/person (unknown to me) who put the above slide presentation together.

Monday, 6 May 2013

OPPT Calgary Meeting Notes May 5

If you are planning to attend the next meeting please let us know.  The space we have been using only holds 15 people max.  As the numbers grow we need to make sure we have room for everyone.  Next meetup  May 26, 2pm rsvp at  The most up to date location will be posted there.

As promised, here are the notes from the last Meetup group.

We welcomed 6 new comers and had a total of 13 people turn out!

We shared updates as to what responses we have or haven't gotten from courtesy notices and other actions.

Denis brought a book called:
Are You a Mushroom?
Have they been feeding you B.S. and keeping you in the dark? Book 1 by Bud T.J. Johnson, who happens to live in Calgary and is interested in our meet-up. Patrick plans on contacting Bud tomorrow and we are wondering if you would like to have a separate meeting to have Bud speak, if he wishes? When might you be available give the 3 possibly best times for you?

We are still in the "getting organized and focused" stage.  Our group would like to be very interactive and accommodating to everyone as best we can! We would like to hear from you, if you wish. Please send your answers, ideas, visions, questions, resources and what ever else you BE and Do to me and I will organize it all for the group.

1. Is our every other Sunday meeting working for you?
2. Would you like to supplement with a week night meeting, possibly the opposite week?
3. Would you like to have a conferencing call, skype, video chat, interactive calendar or any other way to get to know
    each other and support each other?
4. Is the location working for you?
5. Do you know of another venue that is low cost? Waves is $25/hour, first hour will be deducted if we are contributing to
    Waves by using their service and we have it booked for 2 hours every other Sunday at 2pm.
6. Are you interested in letting us know what skills, knowledge, services, gifts you would like to share and what you
    are looking for, to add to a list I am putting together for the group to experiment with a gifting community?
7. Is there something you would like to see our group have, DO, BE? Would you like to organize and manage your idea
    for the group?
8. Do you like receiving these updates? By email or would you rather post to the meet - up site?

One of the questions asked was about the difference and significance of the birth certificate, birth registration and how to get your birth registration.
The diference is that the birth certificate represents the corporation that the so called government of Canada made 7 days after your birth which they think they own and the birth registration is the paper your parent filled out to record your live birth which represents the living flesh and blood being.

You need to print out an application from the province you were born in and follow their rules and fee schedules. For Ontario it was my experience that paying the rush delivery fee was not worth it.

PS.  I wasn't at the meeting but I have received my birth registration document from Alberta Statistics without any hassel.  I just paid my money and filled out the form requesting it.  Anaya

Secrets of America by Judge Dale

This is a long article but is worth the read if you want to know the truth about what is going on in the US.

UPDATE: Must Listen - Freedom Reigns show May 6

I corrected the link below for Free Speech Australia 

The show tonight was jam packed with info showing that we are getting closer and closer to taking the whole house of cards down.  Yahoo!!!

Here is a brief outline from the show:

Deryl was on with the continuation to his story.  There is another full length interview with Deryl that will be posted here tomorrow.

Scott & Uwe from Australia were on the show telling about their work.  Uwe was a mortgage broker until he saw the fraud.  Now he's taking on the system.  They have created a website with  great info

For background info go to and look for Modern Money Mechanics and the History of Banking.  Two documents recommended by Deryl.

Discussion of the latest SwissIndo document (I posted it earlier today)

Very brief updates (no new info) on Project XIII and the I UV exchange.

SwissIndo commits to Oath & Bond

The King of Kings who heads up SwissIndo has committed to the One People's Oath & Bond.  This appears to be another nudge of the UN to get on with what was ordered in the last SwissIndo document posted here.

Australian Bank Admits Knowing about the Foreclosures

Here's an interaction between a customer and a bank worker that shows that even the front line people in Auz banks know something.

An Opinion about the I UV Exchange & Project XIII

Heather says this interpretation of the I UV Exchange and Caleb's Project XIII is close to what it will be.  Remember that it won't be fully understandable until it is fully released.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Awesome Meetup Today

I was not able to attend but I'm told there were 13 great people at the meetup today and I know there were some new people there.

Hopefully I'll get a summary from someone who was there and will post it here.

The next meetup will be Sunday May 26.  Other details to follow.

you can go to to rsvp or find out more.

Brian on Morning Brew

I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet but I've heard its good.

Canada's Paul Hellyer on ETs

Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada reveals:

- Some ETs Species who have visited and still visit Earth: Zeta Reticuli , Pleiadians, Orions ETs,
- Tall Whites living on US Airforce Property
- CABAL: Military Industrial Complex, Builderbergs, Cartels
- Shadow Governments, Ruling Elite, Rockerfellers, Bush etc.
Here's the link from the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure this past week

Heather says "It is the Moment to DO"

Heather and D in a skype conversation today.

Saturday, 4 May 2013