Friday, 19 July 2013

My Change of Focus

Hello Everyone,
I have been waiting for Heather's latest document to be published and I've been watching all the changes that are happening in the world.  It is the disclosure of new information that has effected me the most.

I've been hearing about on-world as well as off-world history and new shifts.  I've needed time to personally process everything that I'm hearing/seeing and I have not been in a mental space to post to the blog.

I am leaving in a few days for a 2 month trip across Canada.  I'll be spreading the word about I-UV but mostly this is my journey so I am not sure how much I will be posting here.

I will certainly be posting anything significant that is released but I won't be following all the sources I usually do.  I encourage you to listen to the radio shows for the most important news.

If there is someone in this audience who would like to pick up the ball for a while, that would be great.  Just send me an e-mail and we'll connect to hand things over.

Have a great summer,  BE and DO in alignment with who you are, and be open to the shift which is coming hard and fast.

Much Love

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