Monday, 3 June 2013

Notes from The One People Show June 3

  • I-UV Contract - this was a new topic and sounds pretty exciting.  Heather is putting the finishing touches on a one page contract that 2 people can use to contract with each other.  Essentially it will replace the function that the UCC fills now, BUT it will be fully transparent and will not have any of the energy harvesting tools or objectives.  This is the very beginning of the I-UV Exchange.  This will be one of the tools which will enable you to directly exchange your energy with another.
  • Project XIII is sitting ready to launch but waiting for some kind of issue with the funding gateway to be resolved.  It will launch as soon as that is cleared up.
  • Geri shared a poem
  • The Absolute Data Exchange volunteers and website need more help.  If you can find a few missing contacts that would be most helpful.  And if you are inspired to send out some notices that helps too.  If a few people helped a little it would add up to a lot.  This shift is going to happen a lot faster if more people take action of some sort.
  • Scott Bartl was on talking about his new video Bancorruptcy - posted already.  Also on the video post is Scott's suggestion for people who are still paying their loans.

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