Monday, 18 March 2013

Must Listen to Freedom Reigns Mar 18

OK I have now listened to the recording of tonight's show.  WOW!  Hang onto your cowboy hat Calgary, the ride is about to take off!

You need to view the document that was filed today and read along as they discuss it on the show.

Document is here:

Radio recording is here:

Here is what I got from the call:

  • This is the last document to be filed
  • All the value and all BEing is returned to the Absolute source
  • notice is given of this return
  • all fictions have been stopped.  Anything that represents or structures Eternal Essence is a fiction.  So, all the structures of the Powers That Were (PTW) are stopped.  The OPPT trust is also stopped because it's work is done and if it were to stay in place the PTW know how to hijack it, so that temptation has been removed.  Money, religion, politics....all these fictions are done.
  • A universal value system that is for Eternal Essence in all of the universe applies now
  • We are to anchor into our consciousness that we are Eternal Essence (EE) and recognize EE in others.  Also, preserve the EE in ourselves by recognizing it in others
  • Everything is done.  All that is left is that we BE and DO
  • Absolute Truth (AT) is available now and I can control how quickly I have access to it.  I will get access at the speed of my heart and my doing.
  • We go from being limited by systems to have no limits and full abundance because everything is transparent
  • EE is free of everything including debt.
Our work now is to anchor the concepts of this document in our consciousness.  We should focus on abundance and energy (knowing that energy manifests and re-manifests)

Everyone's Absolute Data/Truth is about to expand exponentially.  We will know more than we thought existed or was possible.  Keep your heart and mind open.  Hold no expectations.  Just look at what is and see what pops into your heart.  Absolute Data will be KNOWN from within.

The money system and anything that looks like a money system is done.  What's coming is beyond what we can imagine at this point.
This document sets the framework and it is done.
In the week or two coming, the tools will be brought in
Lots will be happening over the next 2 weeks

Each person can make a difference by DOing in alignment with their BEing.
Think about abundance as being able to doing what you want to do.
What do you WANT to DO?

Eternal Essence knows what you focus your intention on.  What's in your heart?

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