Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shift Happens

As I have followed the OPPT over the past 2 months I have noticed a change in the panel of people who are on the calls.  In my opinion, now they are more peaceful, more centred, more loving, more accepting.......more KNOWing.

I've noticed a shift in me too.  I haven't covered all of the documents, recordings, and interviews that are available and I'm not a good meditator.  I attribute the change mostly to listening in on the radio shows and thinking about what I heard.

Wrestling with what it really means to be FREE has been a ride and an awakening for me.  Asking myself:

  • why I am doing what I'm doing?
  • why I am not doing things I'm not doing?
  • who/what is dictating my choices for doing & not doing?
  • what would I do if everything was taken care of?
  • how would I serve/contribute?
  • what do I have to contribute?
  • am I prepared to be fully responsible and fully liable?
The expanding possibilities are mind blowing. 

So, whether it is being in the "presence" of people on an awakening path or whether it is my own questioning, or both, something has happened to me that has become palpable.

I suddenly know things about me that I have been trying to grasp for years.  My dreams have taken a whole new direction where things are transforming, materializing, and going through portals.  I am more calm, more accepting, less in my ego, and I am feeling fear less (but not quite fear-less).  I am still in process.

I wanted to share this experience because some of you may be experiencing changes too.  You are not alone and I think its a good thing. I'd love to hear about your experience.

Much Love

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