Friday, 15 March 2013

The "Coles Notes" of OPPT

Andy Whiteley of Wake Up World has written an excellent summary of the world situation and what the OPPT has done.  It is quite long to read but it saves going through many many other documents so I think its worth your time.  It is also a great resource if you want to share OPPT with someone new.

There are two aspects of this document that I view differently.

  • Andy claims that all the resources of the earth now belong to the people.  As I understand it, the gold and silver and all other resources are energy and are BEings of the earth just the way people are.  As such, we don't own these resources AND we have the opportunity to co-create with them.
  • The description of the CVACs may be outdated as of this past week.  As the OPPT community has grown in awareness it is becoming clear that the CVAC structure gets in the way of us taking full responsibility for ourselves and it provides an opportunity for the Cabal to hi-jack our freedom again.  Heather has changed her tactics and is working on a different way to link people up with their own value.  We don't  really need an external structure to "give" us our value; each of us is our own Value.  So, whatever Heather is setting up now is a transitional tool to be used until we fully realize that we have full access to our value energetically all the time.  Check out the post above this one for a video by Peter van Runt - he describes this very well.
With the exception of these two points I think Andy's article is great.

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