Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Absolute Data about being Worthless

I think I am getting absolute data but it is coming to me one word at a time!  Its going to take a while at this pace ;-)

Each person has their own unique set of veils that cover absolute data.  Just in the last 2 weeks, I have began thinking differently about the words Worthless and Responsibility.

Worthless:  In my illusion, worthless meant having no value or, breaking it up, it meant being worth less than something else.  What I have realized this week is that neither of these definitions are true.  In fact, being worthless or worth less is not possible, in reality.  Everything is energy.  Energy has value, therefore everything has value/worth.  Further, all energy is equal in value, therefore one thing cannot be worth less than another thing.

Worthless is a word like "conspiracy theory" which has been used to judge, discredit and diminish us.  In my case, I have been so programmed that I have used the word "worthless" to describe myself.  How perfect is the slave master's plan when the slaves "whip" themselves into submission?

If I do nothing but exist, I still have value because I am energy; I am Eternal Essence.

Responsibility:  In my 3D world this word has been linked with guilt, obligation, burden, fear and pain.  It is hard to be responsible for mistakes, other people's feelings or following someone's rules.

As I see it now, in the world of Eternal Essence, being responsible is an expression of love.  To be 100% responsible for my own free will choice and for ensuring all others have theirs too, I must be in love with my self and with others.  It is in loving myself fully that I am willing to be response-able.  If I don't love myself and others fully then I'm not able to respond fully to my free will choice.  I am not able to claim my power or BE who I AM.

I wanted to share this because these new definitions represent a fundamental shift in thinking for me.  I wonder what subtle (or not so subtle) shifts have been happening in your lives.  By sharing our individual changes I think that we may see and be convinced sooner that the larger shift is happening.

I'd love to hear from you.

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