Monday, 6 May 2013

UPDATE: Must Listen - Freedom Reigns show May 6

I corrected the link below for Free Speech Australia 

The show tonight was jam packed with info showing that we are getting closer and closer to taking the whole house of cards down.  Yahoo!!!

Here is a brief outline from the show:

Deryl was on with the continuation to his story.  There is another full length interview with Deryl that will be posted here tomorrow.

Scott & Uwe from Australia were on the show telling about their work.  Uwe was a mortgage broker until he saw the fraud.  Now he's taking on the system.  They have created a website with  great info

For background info go to and look for Modern Money Mechanics and the History of Banking.  Two documents recommended by Deryl.

Discussion of the latest SwissIndo document (I posted it earlier today)

Very brief updates (no new info) on Project XIII and the I UV exchange.

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