Thursday, 23 May 2013

Julien Wells Q&A, also Gives Current Energy Reading

Chris Hales interviews Julien who answers questions which have been posted in the skype Cosmic Room.
Very interesting info is revealed and this 1.25 hr recording is worth the listen in my opinion.

I found this particularly interesting:
-   at about 30 minutes  Julien talks about the moon and what it is and how it has its own energy and we'll have to co-create with it if we were to do anything there.  He also talks about trees and how they want to interact and co-create with us.  If we play in the trees that makes their day; maybe even their life.

-   at about 65 minutes Julien talks about the timing of the Event.  He thinks May and June will be huge and he can't imagine what will be after June.  Its a good thing tho.

-   at about 68 minutes they go into the general energy he feels now:
    ----- the event will be triggered by actions both from above and below
    ----- he feels that bank managers are about to revolt and join our cause
    ----- he senses massive whistle blower actions
    ----- he senses that the "music" is calmer now - just before the crescendo or storm (a short lull)

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