Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trying to Keep Up

Hi Everyone,
It seems like my time is going faster and faster and its hard to keep up with all the information about this OPPT/I-UV journey we are on.

I will do a bunch of posts on Friday.

In the mean time I recommend you listen to the recording of the Collective Imagination show on May 27.  It was an amazing Q & A show with lots of Heather's answers.  She said there will be a big shift this week.  Part of the shift is the release of the Project XIII platform on June 1.   I'm not sure what else is shifting but everyone is buzzing in anticipation - its BIG.

When people asked what we can do to help she said words along these lines.......
BE and DO according to who you are
Follow your love and passion - follow the energy
With everything you do and in every moment ask yourself.... Is this taking me closer to Oneness or closer to Separation.  Let that be your guide.

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