Friday, 31 May 2013

Dissecting a piece of Disinfo

In my opinion, this is a piece of disinformation or it is the work of a group of people who have only partially woken up.

They are right about the fraud and corruption in the banks and government but they don't seem to see that the system itself is deeply corrupt.  I will highlight the red flags that jumped out at me.  Let me know what you think.

The text in bold italics is quoted from the article.  Regular text is my comment.

-blood curdling halt........screeching halt economically and peacefully  - which will it be, blood curdling or peaceful?  Confusion is one way of keeping people off balance

-prepare yourselves for trouble, discomfort, hunger, cold and fear........ that sounds peaceful
-purchase only what you need in food & fuel for a 90 day window.......  since the unemployment rate in the US is currently 20% and of those working many are the working poor living pay cheque to pay cheque so 90 days worth of food is completely out of reach for most people.  
-don’t worry, it can’t last that long.  Remember, 90% of America has only enough food to last 3 days.....  this is where the fear comes in.  How is everyone supposed to stock up for 90 days with only 3 days on the shelf?  That should produce some panic.

Withhold any payments made to any government agency, either state or federal until the demands are met..... So you can't spend what you owe to buy 90 days worth of food (that is not available) because you have to save it to pay later.
Place the funds in designated ‘escrow’ accounts and withhold the funds until the state and federal governments capitulate...... I'm confused, it said earlier that I wasn't supposed to deposit anything with the banks but now I'm supposed to put it in escrow accounts (controlled by whom/what?)

We The People will come out of this period with our nation intact and our Constitution again in full force and effect...... they still hold the idea that there should be borders and separation

Nationwide personal taxation at a level not to exceed 10% of income.
Nationwide corporate taxation at a level not to exceed 20%.
They are still keeping income tax and now even the poorest of poor will have to pay 10% of whatever they earn.  The "not to exceed" part is interesting.  Personal could be at 10% and Corporate could be 2% and that would fit the requirements but might not be fair or effective.

the Federal Reserve MUST return all national banking and money supply to the Treasury as Constitutionally mandated within a 3 year time frame........ this one made me laugh.  This hardly fits the "screeching halt" goal and 3 years ought to be enough time for them to re-jig the system in their favor.
This revolt, while peaceful, will change everything.  Either we change it now, while words suffice, or we accept the ‘fundamental change’ that our governmental leaders have planned for us...... If they do what they say in this document, it won't be very long before the game is back on track with the secret agenda of the corrupt world powers back on track.

All of this is my opinion.  I hope that I have helped you see how the message can be exactly what you want to hear, disarming and miss-leading at the same time.  
Changing the existing systems is not enough.  A whole new consciousness is required to create a world that cannot be enslaved again.  I think OPPT achieved that and I-UV represents the emerging consciousness.

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