Monday, 6 May 2013

OPPT Calgary Meeting Notes May 5

If you are planning to attend the next meeting please let us know.  The space we have been using only holds 15 people max.  As the numbers grow we need to make sure we have room for everyone.  Next meetup  May 26, 2pm rsvp at  The most up to date location will be posted there.

As promised, here are the notes from the last Meetup group.

We welcomed 6 new comers and had a total of 13 people turn out!

We shared updates as to what responses we have or haven't gotten from courtesy notices and other actions.

Denis brought a book called:
Are You a Mushroom?
Have they been feeding you B.S. and keeping you in the dark? Book 1 by Bud T.J. Johnson, who happens to live in Calgary and is interested in our meet-up. Patrick plans on contacting Bud tomorrow and we are wondering if you would like to have a separate meeting to have Bud speak, if he wishes? When might you be available give the 3 possibly best times for you?

We are still in the "getting organized and focused" stage.  Our group would like to be very interactive and accommodating to everyone as best we can! We would like to hear from you, if you wish. Please send your answers, ideas, visions, questions, resources and what ever else you BE and Do to me and I will organize it all for the group.

1. Is our every other Sunday meeting working for you?
2. Would you like to supplement with a week night meeting, possibly the opposite week?
3. Would you like to have a conferencing call, skype, video chat, interactive calendar or any other way to get to know
    each other and support each other?
4. Is the location working for you?
5. Do you know of another venue that is low cost? Waves is $25/hour, first hour will be deducted if we are contributing to
    Waves by using their service and we have it booked for 2 hours every other Sunday at 2pm.
6. Are you interested in letting us know what skills, knowledge, services, gifts you would like to share and what you
    are looking for, to add to a list I am putting together for the group to experiment with a gifting community?
7. Is there something you would like to see our group have, DO, BE? Would you like to organize and manage your idea
    for the group?
8. Do you like receiving these updates? By email or would you rather post to the meet - up site?

One of the questions asked was about the difference and significance of the birth certificate, birth registration and how to get your birth registration.
The diference is that the birth certificate represents the corporation that the so called government of Canada made 7 days after your birth which they think they own and the birth registration is the paper your parent filled out to record your live birth which represents the living flesh and blood being.

You need to print out an application from the province you were born in and follow their rules and fee schedules. For Ontario it was my experience that paying the rush delivery fee was not worth it.

PS.  I wasn't at the meeting but I have received my birth registration document from Alberta Statistics without any hassel.  I just paid my money and filled out the form requesting it.  Anaya

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