Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fighting Gives Energy to Separation

Heather passed along this skype message and I think the writer, Warren,  has got the right idea.
What you resist, persists.  In this case the strategy has been to keep us separate, and fighting keeps us there.

[3:58:45 AM] Jarrafusa: THIS SKYPE JUST POPPED UP ALONG WITH OVER 10,000+ SKYPE MESSAGES ABOUT FOUR DAYS AGO...MANY ARE DATED FROM LAST MONTH AND EVEN LONGER AGO...VERY INTERESTING.  I am going through them...if they were "missing" for that long, and just now popping up...I know they are relevant to this NOW.

[4/5/2013 5:52:50 PM] Warren: Great realisation wanting to share out of love:

What I have noticed with the being and doing when challenging the old system with the truth and facts through a CN or any other form of correspondence or physical interaction, tends to polarise the situation or keeps me in separation.
The real illusion is the separation I believe exists is the source of my limitation not the old system. So Shelley and I have been seeing that resistance, intimidation and control within the old system are our own wounded energies, unembraced.

I feel an immediate expansion in myself when I visualize light and love, and a heartfelt response to the old limitations and system, a reflection of me. The spell of the old system is to keep you in separation and confrontation, this is the trick they have us doing. The more we challenge the more we remain separate and so no healing or wholeness can manifest, because there is them and us.
I have noticed the contraction in me when I fight the old as opposed to seeing it as a part of myself and then going in and facing the process internally and energetically. This is the key I feel as the energetic spell has been broken by OPPT, but the physical process remains intact (although on limited energy) because we are all still polarising the old reality, (giving it external energy).

All the reflection is within us on all levels, all time frames and all dimensions. This whole realization occurred to me when I was sending out CN’s, then calling, re-sending invoices and so on. I felt contracted and defeated, ignored and helpless - I was dealing with the resistance in myself. Then I saw the outer energetics of the old system as me and then I illuminated it, sent a solution to it, I embraced it and then I felt it leave, dissolve, and a new reality began to birth in me. I had to see all my own stuff arising where I am wounded, controlling, insensitive and unloving and then I could own this and send this out to the environment and the space and it all dissolved.
What we feel everyone could do is when they are sending out CN’s and other forms of saying who you be, to undo any polarisation and separation, send out this feeling of light and love to whatever it is that is confronting you and offending you. Then it has nowhere to go, no space in which to move, it has been rendered powerless in its old behaviour and in alchemic terms has been transformed into something new and positive you can now use. You have turned it into gold and into your own value.

I believe if we all did this every day as often as possible rather than focusing on confrontation, trying to get value and acknowledgement outside of self, the transformation would be infinite. Please try this let us know your feelings, your feedback and the responses you receive.

Being is knowing the non-separation of things and doing is the creative aspect of who you be.
[3:55:11 AM] Jarrafusa: Great obsearvations and experiences!  Separation IS illusion.  Agreed.
[3:55:43 AM] Jarrafusa: And anything that PAY's energy into separation keeps it operating. (heart)


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