Thursday, 18 April 2013

Correction: World Military Given Orders Today to Enforce the Foreclosures

Correction:  What happened today is that Brian was given the job of contacting all of the Provost Marshalls in as many countries as possible.  What that means is that he has to get the contact info for them all.  If you go to this link you can see what has been collected so far.

HE NEEDS HELP so if you can help gather info required for any jurisdiction that would be great.

Brian is seen as the OPPTs media contact so he is front line in receiving the info about the unfolding OPPT / UN-SwissIndo actions.  He has committed to transparency and wow is he delivering!
This is news of an order sent to the Provost Marshalls (heads of the military police) of several countries military forces.  We are seeing this in almost real time.  Stay tuned!

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