Monday, 8 April 2013

Notes from Freedom Reigns Apr 8

I thought it was an informative show tonight and here are my highlights roughly in the order they came in the show.

Courtesy Notices (CN):  Keep the communication clean and clear.  A CN points at the foreclosures and sets the terms and conditions of continued contact.  A Cease & Desist Order is a different kind of message.  Scott advises keeping the intent of your communication clear in your own mind so that it can be clear to the receiver as well.

Daryl in Ontario is coming up against the system again and could use your energetic support.  He was interviewed for his whole story and that will be posted on OPPT-IN shortly.

NESARA & THE RV (currency revaluation) is still pushing ahead and in Dee's opinion, they have no choice but to go ahead with it even tho it is doomed to failure.  PTW are damned if they do and damned if they don't at this point in time.  It will not benefit everyone and it will not create equality.  There is no money/value to back it all up.

The I UV Exchange is a gift that needed to be accepted by at least one person to be available to all of us.  Neat story of a 15 year old boy who got the message and accepted it on our behalf.  I am making another post about this topic.

In this time of transition, we have to use the old tools and, at the same time, work towards using the new tools.  The new tools come from KNOWing who your are, Eternal Essence and acting accordingly.  Eg.  If I know I am the power/value, I can go to the bank and change the relationship I have with them.  The power will be magnified if we get together in groups and renegotiate with anyone who was taking our energy.
My intent is the key.
Heather said she imagines at the limit and acts knowing she can create whatever she imagines.  When she does this, the tools just appear to enable her to DO.  She manifests at the speed of her DOing (whatever she needs shows up as fast as she needs it)  Right now she is using about 90% new tools and 10% old tools.
Just DO!
No matter what your situation is
Work with Eternal Essence energy
Wrap the people you are dealing with in love - flow love to them
Speak and DO to the EE in each of them knowing it is a part of you too.
Heather says she has no fear.  She knows she can do anything she imagines and by working with EE she is able to alter the magnetics and energy of situations.

I found this information from Heather to be really helpful.  Along with an epiphany I had at the OPPT Calgary meeting on Sunday, I think I get it now.
I have been asking "how do I buy bread?".

I imagine that I am well nourished.
I release any fear I have around this issue and try not to think about how this can come true.
How is up to my Eternal Essence.  I stay open to my needs being met in any way EE sees fit.
Then I DO something towards what I imagined.
Then I KNOW that Eternal Essence is being magnetized and arranged to give me what I imagine.

Maybe I look at a seed catalog or plan a menu or read about chi energy nurturing my body.  Maybe I search for community kitchens or talk to other single friends about making dinners together to freeze.  The point is to take some steps towards possibilities.

What do you think?  Do I get it?

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