Friday, 12 April 2013

Some of My Thoughts on DOing and BEing

After I listened to Deryl Zeleny's interview I reached a new level of certainty about what is going on and the need for each of us to do our part to change the corrupt system.

What is amazing, impressive and convincing to me is:

  • Independently, Heather, Scott Bartle, and Deryl all reached the same conclusion about the government and banking systems.
  • Independently, they each found their way through the legal maze to find a solution that will stop the system in its tracks (I know this is not fully evident yet)
  • All three of them are operating with integrity that is breathtaking (putting their own lives and possessions to the test and giving away the knowledge freely and transparently)
  • Each of them has already dedicated years to righting this wrong
I am convinced that I need to DO my part to bring down the system.  It is no longer just to free myself.  I need to be part of the wave of energy that is too powerful for the system to withstand.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet in terms of new information coming from OPPT.

I have been reflecting on that and what I'm seeing posted.  Developments with OPPT , Eternal Essence EE and Universal Value UV  have taken us to the point of needing to go within.  Each person has to find their own connection to EE and to their own UV.  Getting this; KNOWing this is essential to being able to move into the new reality.  Each of us is on our own path and each will come to this knowledge in their own way and time.  There is no right or wrong way to discover who you BE.

It seems like everyone on the panel on the radio shows and the people I talk to are all in a space that feels like an in-between time.  We are all waiting for the Event and we are all thinking, searching inside, doing our own thing.  Maybe its like an incubator right now.  Lisa & Dee talked about the cracking eggs.  It feels like the eggs are just starting to crack........Yahoo!

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