Monday, 15 April 2013


Dee gave an update on NESARA and the RV

The cabal have painted themselves into a corner and must go ahead with the NESARA/RV plan but there is no money to back the plan so it will fail as soon as it is released.

As of Saturday midnight, all countries and banks are supposed to be Basel III compliant which means they are supposed to be fully asset backed but it is not clear how many actually are.  Dee did say that there are some really big ones who are not.

The drop in precious metals market price this week is an effort to capture some value to back the plan.  This is blatant price manipulation.  Even though gold and silver took a huge hit the Dow held steady - go figure.

I wonder how any of them could be "fully asset backed" unless that really means that they have 1% or 10%  (or some other number less than 100%) assets to back their deposits.  Who makes the BASEL III regulations anyway?

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