Friday, 12 April 2013

OPPT Calgary Meetup Group

Last Sunday we had our 3rd meetup.

We had some discussion about what the purpose of the group is and came away with these three objectives:

  1. To support each other (bringing new people up to speed, emotional/spiritual support, help with CNs & process, bartering, etc)
  2. To educate others about OPPT and the related info
  3. To grow our group and create thriving community of like-minded people
Already we have benefited by getting together.  We have learned from each other and we are already offering support to people who need it now.  Everyone has said that they felt like they were all alone before.

There is power in numbers.  The more members we have the more knowledge we'll have and the stronger we'll all feel.

Between 40 and 100 people check this blog every day.  We welcome new people and hope that we will see you soon.  

See you at the next meetup on April 21 at 2pm.  Likely we will meet at Waves Coffee house but that depends on our numbers.  Please go to the meet up website and RSVP so we can be sure we have space for everyone.
See you there!

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